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What is a Princess Cut Diamond? Explained

    What is a Princess Cut Diamond? Explained

    If you’re aware of the styles of diamond cuts and the distinction between an oval vs round cut diamond, then you might have heard of the princess cut diamond. As its name might indicate, a princess cut diamond is an elegant and sophisticated stone with a streamlined fancy shape and an exquisite appearance. It shimmers, unlike any other diamond cut, whether this may be a genuine diamond or a lab grown diamond. It appears larger per carat than many other cuts, and is incredibly versatile. It’s a stunning choice for the center stone of an engagement ring or any segment of jewelry. Here, we’ll answer all of your relevant questions about this royal diamond cut when you’re buying diamonds online, including what is a princess cut diamond? What does a princess cut diamond look like? And what is the best princess cut diamond to choose?

    The History of Princess Cut Diamond

    Until the 1980s, the square-shaped forebears of the present princess cut diamond were paving the way in the diamond inventory. The French cut diamond was popular during the Art Deco era when geometric shapes were prevalent since it was square in shape. There had already been a French-cut diamond popular in jewellery before the 1920s. In the 14th century, this cut was a precursor to the princess cut. Throughout history, it was a popular cut because it maximized the use of the raw diamond, resulting in minimum waste.

    Diamond cutting technology advanced further in the 1960s, resulting in a new square-shaped diamond shape: the square modified brilliant cut diamond. The princess cut diamond, a glittering, square-shaped diamond with 57 brilliant facets, was born when diamond cutting techniques advanced. In our diamond cut guide, you can discover more about how the form, glitter, and more of a diamond is determined by its cut through any diamond supplier.

    After the round brilliant cut diamond, the princess cut diamond is the second most common diamond cut amongst B2B diamond marketplace.

    The Princess Cut Diamond

    When it comes to diamonds, princess cuts are very regal. A square cut diamond known as a Princess is the second most popular form after round diamonds in the jewelry B2B diamond marketplace after engagement rings. It’s no surprise that Princess Cut stones, like the ones that rank somewhat higher, are brilliantly cut. With pointed corners and up to 76 tiny facets, princess cuts are square (occasionally rectangular) shapes. GIA reports refer to it as a “square modified brilliant,” which is what it really is. While these American-made diamonds have a stunning shine and daring corners, there’s a lot more to admire about these square-shaped diamonds — like the fact that their faceting lowers the visibility of defects or inclusions in the diamond.

    Traditional princess-cut diamonds have a square shape, yet they are known for their exceptional fire and brilliance amongst all diamond suppliers. The unpolished diamond stone’s inverted pyramid is the inspiration for this fancy-shaped diamond. They are some of the most brilliant diamond shapes and a popular choice for engagement rings like this 0.81ct I color Princess Cut.

    The best Princess Cuts have a square shape with a length-to-width ratio of 1.0-1.05, which are the most desirable (here is an example of a 1.03 ratio princess cut diamond). Although rectangular Princess Cuts are available, their lack of brightness makes them unappealing. Excellent or Ideal princess-cut engagement rings are a beautiful choice.

    It’s important to know that “princess shape” is the same as Princess Cut. The diamond industry refers to it as a “Princess Cut,” despite the fact that the two terms mean the same thing.

    Key things about a Princess-cut diamond:

    • The most brilliant square-shaped diamond
    • Has between two and four chevron patterns
    • Costs less per carat than Round Cuts because more of the rough stone is kept during the cutting process
    • A popular option for engagement rings and earrings
    • Also known as Square Modified Brilliant and Rectangular Modified Brilliant, though rectangle Princess Cuts are not desirable

    The Look of Princess Cut Diamond

    A diamond that has been given the princess cut is either square or somewhat rectangular in shape, and it has sharp corners and edges that give it a clean, contemporary appearance. The most desirable proportions for princess-cut diamonds are a ratio of 1.00 to 1.05 for square forms and a ratio of 1.06 to 1.12 for rectangular shapes. The extraordinary shine of this cut, on the other hand, is what draws the most attention to it. Since princess cuts dazzle so wonderfully, they are typically able to conceal any blemishes or faults that may be present in the stone. However, because of the stone’s pointed corners, princess cut diamonds are more susceptible to damage than other cuts of diamonds, particularly if the faults are located at the stone’s corners. However, if you use safe settings, such as a bezel setting or a four-prong configuration, you can prevent any damage that might otherwise occur.

    The Four C’s


    While princess cut diamonds are generally square, several are somewhat or openly rectangular. The lesser the price of the diamond, the more rectangular the cut. Even if you choose a more rectangular form, side-set diamonds can create the illusion of a squarer princess cut by expanding the ring’s breadth.

    In addition to the balance of a princess cut diamond’s sides, the size of its table (top) and depth should be evaluated. When shopping, seek for a table percentage of less than 75% and a depth percentage of between 65 and 75%. These are broad recommendations because princess cut diamonds do not have established specifications like round brilliant cuts.


    The princess cut can hide flaws or inclusions, so you can have a brilliant diamond even if it doesn’t have a high grade. But be careful about choosing a princess-cut diamond with big flaws in the corners, as these are more likely to chip or break. Minor flaws in the diamond’s corners can be ignored because they shouldn’t affect how stable the stone is and will be hidden by the prongs.


    The GIA standard color chart is used to grade the color of princess cut diamonds. While diamonds with higher color grades are more expensive, you might find that a lower color grade is more appealing to your own taste. Tones that are warmer will be associated with lower color grades such as H and I, whereas tones that are cooler will be associated with higher color grades such as D and F. Choose the tone that appeals to your sense of style because the distinction won’t be all that obvious.

    Carat Weight

    When compared to other diamond cuts of the same carat weight, princess cut diamonds can give the appearance of standing larger in size than other diamond shapes. This is because a greater proportion of the diamond’s carat weight is located at the crown. As a result of this, it is possible to achieve the look of a larger stone without paying a higher price tag.

    Finding the Perfect Princess Cut Diamond

    When it comes to choosing the ideal princess-cut diamond for your needs, there are a lot of factors to look at and think about. Princess cut diamonds are highly flexible. It’s true that they may make a lovely princess cut engagement ring, but they can also sparkle in stud earrings and pendant necklaces.

    You may search among hundreds of princess cut diamonds at any B2B diamond marketplace, whether you are designing the ring of your dreams with a princess cut diamond or a unique pair of earrings. Because they are not extracted from the soil, our princess cut diamonds are better for you, the people who work in the mines, and the environment. However, they have the same physical, chemical, and optical attributes as naturally occurring diamonds.

    When you buy a lab-created diamond, not only will it be easier to get an affordable princess cut diamond, but it will also be easier to find. Because lab diamonds are up to forty percent less expensive than comparable mined diamonds, your spending money can go a lot further when you buy one of these.

    You don’t need to look any farther if you want a timeless, beautiful, and dazzling diamond engagement ring and you are searching for an ethically sourced princess cut diamond that is within your price range.

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